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UHF Adaptor

Model: UBJJA50
UHF Bulkhead Jack to Jack Adaptor. UHF Bulkhead Female to Female AdaptorDOWNLOAD DRAWING..
Ex Tax:£4.05
UHF Elbow Plug to Jack Adaptor to connect to a male or female connector to create a 90 degree elbow rather than a bend in the cable.PL259 TO SO239 ELBOW ADAPTORGREENPAR EQUIVALENT GE40005 MIL REF UG- /U297   ..
Ex Tax:£2.45
Model: UJJA
UHF Jack to Jack Inline Adaptor. SO239 UHF Female to Female Inline Adaptor.PL259 adaptorGREEPAR EQUIVALENT GE40006MIL REF UG- /U299DOWNLOAD DRAWING..
Ex Tax:£2.80
UHF T Adaptor Jack Jack Jack
Out Of Stock
Model: UTJJJA50
UHF T adaptor jack jack jack - three females     SO239 T ADAPTORDOWNLOAD DRAWING..
Ex Tax:£3.05
Model: UTJPJA50
UHF T Adaptor Jack to Plug to Jack UHF T Adaptor Female  - Male  - FemaleGREENPAR EQUIVALENT GE40042MIL REF UG- /U298..
Ex Tax:£13.50
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