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Bespoke Assembly

Connectors Cables Specialists (CCS) Ltd proudly works with its existing and potential new customers on cable assemblies "Tailor-Made" to specific requirements. The demand for high quality, low cost cable assemblies from a UK based adaptable and flexible supply partner is becoming more essential as less companies are holding completed product on the shelf so the need for a partner that can react to its customers’ needs is paramount.


We are able to respond to the markets need for a faster turnaround on small to medium batch sizes and we understands the necessity for accurate, on time deliveries and cables to specification. We are successful as we offer what we believe to be a higher level of service than our competitors - from responding to quotation requests in under 24 hours, splitting orders into batches to reduce lead times and if needed offering alternative designs options to make the product easier to produce and giving the same end result. 


With our years of experience we can create your cable assemblies from as little as a description of your requirements, a sample, sketch, technical drawing or schematics and our network of approved suppliers and distributors allow us to source genuine components from a huge range of manufacturers ensuring only traceable and compliant parts are used on your assemblies.


We pride ourselves on our workmanship and high level of quality whilst our customers benefit from low costs and quick turnaround times. We are a valuable and trusted supply partner supporting a large range of industries and infrastructures and welcome your enquiries for future assemblies you have already in production or your future concepts that are currently being designed.


A few examples of recent assemblies built.

Control Cable Assembly, Coaxial Cable Assembly, RF Cable Assembly, Medical Cable Assembly, Communications Cable Assembly, Antenna Cable Assembly, Power Cable Assembly, Circular Cable Assembly, Ribbon Cable Assembly, Discrete Wire Cable Assembly, Crimp and Poke Home Cable Assembly, Military Cable Assembly, Test and Measurement Cable Assembly, Box Build, Patch Panels,