The 4.3-10 series is a brand new connector that is installation friendly having been developed to meet the growing need for smaller footprint connectors in the mobile radio communications market.The connectors are smaller in size and therefore less weight and are a fantastic choice when looking into miniaturization of mobile radio network components. Even though the connector is much smaller in size they still guarantee brilliant return loss and passive intermodulation performance (PIM) levels. The range is very design friendly as one universal cable jack will mate with three different cable plug designs. All of the 4.3-10 range meet with the requirements of IP68 and are suitable withing the temperature range of -40 degrees C to +85 degrees C.
Features & Benefits
•  Base stations
•  Antennas
•  Filters
•  Couplers, splitters, surge arresters
•  Jumpers
•  Distribution Antenna System (DAS)
With similar performance to 7/16 connectors, the lightweight design of the 4.3-10 series if perfectly suited for new generation telecom equipment.
Compact & Low Intermodulation Solution
•  31% smaller than comparable 7/16 plug
•  60% lighter than comparable 7/16 square flange receptacle
•  Easy to use (push-pull)
•  Very low intermodulation level
•  Outdoor and harsh environment
•  Available in 3 coupling mechanisms
» Screw
» Hand screw
» Push-pull


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