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Crimp Tools

A range of crimp tools for use in the electrical and electronic workshop.

Model: CR01CT167
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Model: CR01336J
CRIMP TOOL FOR RG174, RG179 BELDEN 8218 & FIBRE OPTIC HT336JHEX SIZES ARE AS FOLLOWS0.042" 1.07MM, 0.068" 1.72MM, 0.078" 1.98MM, 0.128" 3.25MM, 0.151" 3.84MM0.178" 4.52MMHT-336JDIE SET INFORMATIONTOOLING BROCHURE ..
Ex Tax:£37.50
Model: CCS301F2
Coax Crimp Tool for the follwing hex sizes 0.042, 0.068, 0.151, 0.178, 0.213,1.07, 1.73, 3.84, 4.52, 5.41,HT-336F2DIE SET INFORMATION..
Ex Tax:£35.03
Model: CCS330K
CCS offer a superior crimp tool kit housed in a tough PVC carrying case with a moulded plastic tray. the kit contains a cable cutter, coaxial cable stripper, a ratchet tool frame made from hardened steel, and five die sets covering almost any hexagonal dimensions from 1.07mm to 10.9mm across flats. ..
Ex Tax:£90.75
Model: CR01RG6
Coaxial Ratchet Crimp Tool.  DIE SET INFORMATION LMR240, PSF1/2, RG6, CT125, RG59, CT100, CT125, Hex Sizes 0.255" 0.213" 0.098" 0.068" 0.321" (6.48mm 5.41mm 2.49mm 1.73mm 8.15mm)RG6, RG58, R58, RG59 and RG62 co-axial cableCoaxial Crimp Tool for RG6, CT100,  ..
Ex Tax:£36.31
Model: CR01213
Coax Ratchet Crimp Tool Tool frame Made From Hardened Steel Ratchet Controlled Crimp Cycle Ratchet Release Option RG213 RG214 RG11 URM67 LMR400Hex Sizes     0.1", 0.128", 0.429"      2.54, 3.25, 10.9mmHT-336KDIE SET INFORMATIONTOOLING ..
Ex Tax:£33.37
Model: CR015075
CR015075 Coax crimp tool for BNC, TNC, N Type , UHF   DIE SET INFORMATION This tool will crimp the outer sleeve on the SMA connector for RG58, RG223, LMR195 and LMR240 but the centre contact you need our tool CR01301TDOWNLOAD DATA SHEETTOOLING BROCHURE Full Ratchet Crimp ..
Ex Tax:£25.86
Model: CCS301C2
THIS COAXIAL CRIMP TOOL IS DESIGNED FOR CATV, RG59 AND RG6 APPLICATIONS.THE DIE SIZES ARE 0.068" 0.262" 0.324" and 0.360" - 1.72mm, 6.65mm, 8.23mm, and 9.14mm..68”/.262”/.324”/.360”1.73/6.65/8.23/9.14mmCATV”F” Connectors RG59, 6PLEASE CONTACT OUR SALES TEAM FOR FURTHER INFORMATIO..
Ex Tax:£22.69
Model: CR10ACRT7
This tool is a professional rachet crimp tool for  our CR10A siz 7 and size 10 cable mount connectors. Its also for many other applications with the following die sizes. 0.255" (6.48mm) - 0.187" (4.75mm) - 0.068" (1.73mm) and 0.213" (5.41mm)The ratchet gives the user total piece of mind as ..
Ex Tax:£20.42
Model: CCS225D
CCS offer their D Type Ratchet controlled crimp tool that is made from top quality hardened steel and fitted with a precision die set to crimp rolled Sub'D contacts AWG18-22 and 24-30. The ratchet mechanisn ensures the correct crimp cycle is achieved each and every time giving 100% quality crimp con..
Ex Tax:£23.34
Model: CR01LMR400
COAXIAL Ratchet Crimp Tool For LMR400 BNC, N, SMA, TNC  and UHF Connectors. Tool frame Made From Hardened Steel Ratchet Controlled Crimp Cycle Ratchet Release Option LMR400, LDF400, RA519..
Ex Tax:£33.37
Model: CR01LMR600
Crimp Tool for LMR600 Coax Connectors. Tool frame Made From Hardened Steel Ratchet Controlled Crimp Cycle Ratchet Release Option LMR600HT-H136BR DIE SET INFORMATIONPRODUCT SHEETTOOLING BROCHURE..
Ex Tax:£75.00
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