7/16 Din Connectors

7/16 Din Connectors
The 7-16 DIN connector or 7/16 is a 50 Ω threaded RF connector used to join coaxial cables. It is among the most widely used high power RF connectors in cellular network antenna systems. Originally popular in Europe, it has gained widespread use worldwide. It is not to be confused with the similar-sounding EIA flange adaptors which are referred to by the outer diameter in fractions of an inch. The 7-16 DIN connector out performs other non-flange options, such as N connectors or BNC connectors, when it comes to interference and intermodulation rejection or higher power handling at RF frequencies.
7/16 DIN is a high power RF connector widely used in antenna systems or base stations that supplies better performances concerning interference and intermodulation rejection. The inner contact on the 7/16 DIN connector measures 7mm while the outer contact on the connector measures 16 mm.
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