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F Type Termination & Adaptor

F Bulkhead Jack to Jack Adaptor F Bulkhead Jack to Jack Adaptor
Model: FBJJA75
F Type Bulkhead Jack - Jack 75 Ohm With Nut and Washer. F Type Bulkhead Female - Female 75 Ohm With Nut and WasherDOWNLOAD DRAWING..
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Model: FPJRAA75
F Type  Elbow Plug - Jack 75 Ohm Adaptor F  Type Right Angle Adaptor Male to Female 75 OhmDownload Drawing..
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Model: FJJA75
F Jack to Jack Adaptor 75 OHM Female Female in line adaptor.DOWNLOAD DRAWING..
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Model: FPTER75
F Type Plug Termination 75 Ohm for use in all video applications.F male 75ohm terminator All open or unused ports on signal splitters, LNB's, MultiSwitches, etc. should be terminated. By doing so, you are decreasing signal leakage, increasing signal strength and protecting the port ..
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F Type  Push Fit Plug - Jack 75 Ohm Adaptor    ..
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Model: FPPA75
F Type  Plug - Plug 75 Ohm Adaptor F Type Male - Male 75 Ohm Adaptor..
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Model: FBJSS75
F Type Bulkhead Jack solder spill with fixing nut.F type chassis socket in nickel.Depth (mm): 7Height (mm): 20Width (mm): 7Product Dimensions (mm): 20x7x7Net weight (kg): 0.003Colour: NickelCut-Out Dimensions (mm): 9..
Ex Tax:£0.42
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