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5 Pair 110

Model: CCS314KR
CCS offer their own Krone style punch tool 2AThis is a top quality wire inserter 2A for KRONE IDC termination blocks with a pull-out hook and blade on the side of the tool to assist in the termination of the IDC blocks. ..
Ex Tax:£3.02
5-pair S110 Tool
Model: CCS315DR
5 pair S110 Termination ToolThis tool will connect up to five pairs in one operation on both the cable side and the cross-connect side of 110 blocks.Replacement 5 pair S110 cassettes are available. Our Part Number CCS-15D ..
Ex Tax:£76.89
Model: CCS-CT-2
CCS offer their Network Cable Tester for modular RJ45 and BNC coaxial cables The tester and remote unit are designed for a quick and easy continuity test of patch cables or installed cables in a network. Individual LED displays for each modular cable RJ45 and coaxial BNC connection indicate any..
Ex Tax:£16.86
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