CCS offer a fantastic Radio Frequency Adaptor Kit ideally suited for the technician testing RF cables in the lab and out on site or fixing a broken line using the multiple options and then replace the cable at a later date. It provides so many options for between series connections between cables and devices and is very competitively priced in the market.  Here is the link to the Kit on our site

If you are in the RF or Audio/Video market for long enough, you know how frustrating it can be when you come to test something and you need an adaptor that you just don't have on hand, waiting for a replacement is just not an option due to the down time of the equipment. This 40 Piece RF Adaptor Kit is the perfect answer  you have been longing for. Using the connector faces and universal couplers included in the kit, it allows you to easily make 64 inter-series connector combinations by simply screwing two connectors together, brilliant isn't it. Every technician / engineer / student should keep this kit in their tool box, service vehicle, tool carry case or tool cart. You can easily make the adaptor you require quickly in the field to get the equipment up and running and replace the adaptor later when you have more time. Bit of a non brainer i think.

The key features of the kit are:-

No soldering or crimping required

64 connection combinations

Inter-series and intra-series adaptors possible

Gold Plated Brass Body and centre conductors

Teflon Insulator Material

Package Contents

Convenient Storage Case

2 Male RCA couplers

2 Female RCA couplers

2 F Male couplers

2 F Female couplers

2 TNC Male couplers

2 TNC Female couplers

2 BNC Male couplers

2 BNC Female couplers

2 mini UHF Male couplers

2 mini UHF Female couplers

2 SMA Male couplers

2 SMA Female couplers

2 UHF Male couplers

2 UHF Female couplers

2 N Male couplers

2 N Female couplers

8 universal couplers

I know if you purchase a kit your colleagues will be very envious and want one too. Don't forget to mention where you purchased it, oh and don't forget these are available for next day delivery.

Go on, give it a try and I guarantee you will be so satisfied with the flexibility of combinations and wonder why you didn't get one before.