In the many years I have been working within the RF coaxial connector and cable industry there were times when you needed to terminate a crimp connector and you had every option of tool apart from the one you actually required. When I first came across this tool kit I couldn't believe the flexibility it provided. I no longer needed to search high and low for the correct tool or indeed purchase yet another crimp tool to do the job I was currently working on, it gave me the confidence to know that I now had a complete kit that would cover almost every eventuality. Of course, there are some very specialized connectors that will always prove challenging and there will be a day when that hugely priced special tool will still be required but these days will be few and far between once you have your kit. Our kit is a superior crimp tool kit housed in a tough PVC carrying case with a molded plastic tray. The kit contains a cable cutter, coaxial cable stripper, a ratchet tool frame made from hardened steel, and five die sets covering almost any hexagonal dimensions from 1.07mm to 10.9mm across flats. A screwdriver to assist die set change is included in the kit.

The link below will take you to our web page where you can view the contents of the kit. I'm sure you will be very pleased with the kit and it will save you many headaches when terminating your cables in the future.