IMS Connector Systems GmbH and Connectors Cables Specialists (CCS) Ltd have had over 15 years working together in the UK market. IMS are a leading developer and manufacture of coaxial RF components. Its products include coaxial RF connectors, RF-cable assembly manufacture, coaxial cable assemblies, RF test switches, RF antenna switches, test adapters and test assemblies, battery contacts, and antennas and components for mobile devices. We are able to offer the full range of IMS customized RF solutions for individual applications. It serves telecommunication, automotive, instrumentation, industrial, and we work very closely to ensure a seamless distribution solution. IMS Connector Systems GmbH was founded in 1989 and is based in Löffingen, Germany. It has production plants in Europe and Asia. Whatever your requirements we will work with you to take the original conception and bring it to final product approval and manufacture.

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