Having been involved in this industry for many years, we have offered cable, connectors and adaptors to the amateur radio HAM markets all over the UK and Europe. In fact I too had my CB radio when I was a good deal younger but gave up my radio and equipment too many years ago to remember.  Having said that we as a company offer from stock products that ensure a complete solution for the amateur radio enthusiast when setting up their radio and aerial rig, or just replacing cables that have seen better days. The kits consists of a various lengths of RG58, RG213U, and (URM67 upon request)  coax cable pre terminated at one end with a UHF (PL259) crimp plug to free end. We include in the kit a UHF (PL259) crimp or solder screw on connector. A crimp tool is included in the kit that has a crimp plug, but no tool is required when using the twist on solder connector so this is omitted thus keeping the cost down. The connectors in the kit allow the user to fit the second connector after the cable has been run to its destination and cut to length if required. This is a great option and saves time while you are setting up your system. The pre terminated connector is fitted with a glue lined heat shrink to help against water ingress but we recommend that you use some self amalgamating tape over the connectors just to add to the stability of the connection during rainy and humid conditions. You will find the tape on our site if required. https://ccsukltd.co.uk/Self-Amalgamating-Repair-Tape

We offer a huge range of adaptors that are within series and also inter-series allowing a varied number of different connector faces to be coupled together. We also supply dust caps for male and female connectors in the following  ranges. BNC, TNC, N Type and UHF allowing you to disconnect your cable or equipment and put a protective cap over the exposed connector.

We hope you like the kits and look forward to answering any questions you may have.

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