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Radio Frequency Adaptor Kit.

If you are in the RF or Audio/Video market for long enough, you will need an adapter that you just don't have on hand. This 40 Piece RF Adapter Kit is the answer  you have been looking for. Using  connectors and universal couplers included in the kit, it allows you to easily make 64 interseries connector combinations by simply screwing two connectors together. Every technician / engineer should keep this kit in their tool box, service vehicle or tool cart. Make the adapter quickly in the field to get the equipment up and running and replace the adapter later when you have more time.

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  • No soldering or crimping required
  • 64 connection combinations
  • Inter-series and intra-series adapters possible
  • Gold Plated Brass Body and center conductors
  • Teflon Insulator Material
Package Contents
  • Convenient Storage Case
  • 2 Male RCA couplers
  • 2 Female RCA couplers
  • 2 F Male couplers
  • 2 F Female couplers
  • 2 TNC Male couplers
  • 2 TNC Female couplers
  • 2 BNC Male couplers
  • 2 BNC Female couplers
  • 2 mini UHF Male couplers
  • 2 mini UHF Female couplers
  • 2 SMA Male couplers
  • 2 SMA Female couplers
  • 2 UHF Male couplers
  • 2 UHF Female couplers
  • 2 N Male couplers
  • 2 N Female couplers
  • 8 universal couplers


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