CST-400 preparation tool for all LMR400 crimp or clamp connectors.

Brand: Connectors Cables Specialists Ltd
Product Code: CST-400
2 - 3 Days

1 to 2 £161.51
3+ £159.06
CST-400 preperation tool for all LMR400 crimp or clamp connectors.
Product Description
Preparation tool for LMR-400 crimp and clamp connectors.
Combination feature allows preparation of LMR-400 cables for either crimp or clamp connectors
Suitable for use with virtually all LMR 400 connectors
Includes a built-in debur tool eliminating the need for a separate debur tool
Advantage-X Connectors make high quality LMR cable terminations quicker than ever!
Advantage-X crimp style connectors are available with both non-solder EZ and solder style center pin terminations.
All Advantage-X connectors, when used with the CST all-in-one combination prep tool eliminate braid trimming for uniform terminations.
Even easier termination
Improved performance
Simplified cable prep with CST tools, no braid trim required

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